IPC/APEX, San Diego - 2012

Dear Valued Customer,

You are invited to meet with us in booth # 2001 at the 2012 APEX / EXPO / IPC Show in beautiful San Diego, CA. This event is a show case for the latest technology that is so imperative to our industry.


On display this year will be our VFS 100 Selective Plugging Machine and our PD 30 Manual Planerizer.

We already know the high demand on selective filling from our service customers. The first approach to the customers is of course the use for conductive fill. Here we dramatically reduce the amount of paste usage. First, there is no paste on the panel surface, second, the amount in the filling head is just a couple milligrams. Last but not least, we calculate the amount of paste which is needed for each hole before filling. These features were all on our customer's wish list, but we added another highlight, which will make the investment in such a machine an investment for the future. We will use the machine also for the implantation of embedded resistors right into holes instead of printing them on the valuable surface. We found a resistor paste manufacture that can provide a variety of carbon based resistor pastes which can be cured together with a regular filling paste.

On hand to answer your questions will be two of the most knowledgeable people in our industry: Mr. Hubertus Hein & Mr. Christian List. We sincerely hope you'll find the time to stop by and visit us; we'll be near the main entrance.

With Best Regards,
Erwin Haertl
ITC Intercircuit