ITC At The Shows

IPC/APEX, Las Veagas - April 1-3, 2008

We were very glad to see you at the 2008 IPC/APEX show in Las Vegas earlier this month. It was a pleasure to demonstrate our products and answer your questions about the latest developments in hole filling technology. ITC Intercircuit has been committed to providing state of the art equipment and service for the printed circuit board industry for more than 35 years.

This year we unveiled our latest generation of hole filling products - the THP 35. This unique piece of equipment has all the latest features - built in cooling & heating, touch-screen operator friendly operation, capable of filling blinds as well as through holes, built in microscope and the capability to fill panels 24" X 30". This unit sparked lots of interest with those entering the hole filling aspect of the PCB industry.

Our popular THP 30 found two new homes from this years show, one at TTM in Connecticut and one at Sierra Proto in California. This fine piece of equipment has always delivered on efficiency, reliability, performance and costs savings.

Please remember, we offer our hole filling service in Germany for any testing you would like to conduct on your specific panels for a more detailed evaluation of our equipment. If you were not able to attend this year's show, please visit our website to obtain information on our sales representatives in your area.