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About THP Series:

The THP SERIES Double Chamber Plugging Machine are designed for the hole plugging process with conductive and non-conductive paste. To avoid any air bubbles inside the plugged hole, the filling process is designed in a special manner. The plugging paste is forced by controlled pressure which allows the paste flow to be even. The paste is stored in a special container which can hold up to 5 kg.

A frequency controlled motor drives the plunger to provide adequate pressure on the paste for even distribution on any type of boards, including very high aspect ratio boards. The operator can work on two different stations at the same time using two different recipes. The inner covering is made from stainless steel in order to ensure an easy clean up.


After the PCB is securely clamped in the filling position, you can start the filling cycle by pushing the start button. The manual doors can be closed during this time. The front doors are controlled by a safety light bar system. The back doors must be closed during all working cycles. The process starts by moving the filling squeegees to the top of the board. After a settable dwell time the squeegee starts to move down the board, filling the holes. The speed of the squeegee's movement can be controlled and changed during the process. The plugging cycle ends on a specified set point or at the end of the panel. By the end of this cycle, the operator can decide to run the cycle again, if needed.

The Double Chamber Plugging Machine gives you the capability to run two cycles side by side absolutely independent, or run a filling cycle in the first chamber and a cleaning cycle in the second chamber. Past experience has shown that some panel types may need to be run through a cleaning cycle with the squeegees on both sides after the filling cycle in order to avoid excessive sanding work after the baking process.

  • Using controlled paste pressure and flow rates for the filling process
  • A paste container with a volume of 5 kg give you a longer processing time between the refills
  • The refill of the paste container works absolutely clean and air bubble free
  • Using the force from motor driven plungers for pushing the paste in and through high aspect ratio holes
  • A variety of different size paste containers are available for storage of different types of paste
  • User friendly programming with programmable parameters for speed, vacuum and plugging area
  • The machine is designed for vertical operation in order to save floor space
  • The combination of two independent working chambers in one machine allows the operator to work with 2 PCBs at the same time, using two different programs.
  • The squeegee systems are made from anodized aluminum and tension free adapters to hold squeegees in place. The placement is easy to reach and designed for fast changes.